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Scraping Google Shopping for Magento or any Ecommerce platform

If you advertise via Google’s product listing ads and sell products that are commercially available elsewhere , it’s key to be competitive on price, one way of doing this is through Google Shopping as all competitors who also advertise on Google are of course publishing their prices and most do. If your business is very price driven or there’s some lines you would like to be competitive on then this is a unique way of keeping up with your competition.

The module can work in a variety of ways or be configured to work in a way that suits your business , I would be able to integrate it into other ecommerce platforms.

The main functions are:

  • Lookup a product on Google Shopping record pricing data
  • Price matching feature beat or match a competitors price –¬†Automatically set the product price
  • Define which competitors you need to match or beat
  • Other conditions e.g not going below the product cost price
  • Works for grouped or single products
  • Trigger other functions upon product save
  • Receive a report of what products where changed, when and which competitor
  • Display competitor prices vs your price on the product view

Integration with Google Shopping API:

As well as updating the prices on your store, it can now also update Google Shopping directly via the Google Shopping API. Without this you may run the risk of the product listing ads being pulled because the prices in your feed are not up to date.

Of course the above runs on auto pilot and can run once a day or however frequently you need it, a daily file can be uploaded/emailed to your site

Contact me to find out more about this or discuss a project you have in mind that involves scraping google for Magento Ecommerce.


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  1. I’d like some more information as to how much this service would cost on a recurring basis as well as implementation into Magento. We are currently pricing out a transition to Magento and would love to see this service in a demo form, if possible.