Magento Review Generator Magento 1.x


Review generator for Magento 1.x



With this script you can generate reviews over a long period of time, given a keyword list and a list of names (examples provided) it randomly picks a word from each column (left to right) in sequence to make a sentence the words are such that they make sense no matter which one is chosen.
This below is an example of how the title of the review is made
One special keyword is which gets replaced with the actual product name. And there is another CSV with a huge list of names that randomly gets picked as the author.
There’s another CSV for the actual comment.
This is all run in a script which is configurable like so:
– Start date
– End date
– Number of reviews
– Maxmium reviews per product
– Random rating between two numbers
– Product collection (filtered or all products)
The script then runs on a scheduled task every 5 mins, and works out the correct number of reviews to add over the given time period, because of this the reviews get added to the site at random times. Search engines often down rank sites that add reviews programmatically, mainly because they can detect a sudden influx of reviews or automated pattern, this is avoided as there is a high level of randomness and the reviews can be added slowly over a period of years.
As an example you can use this over a 1 year period to add 2000 reviews to the site.

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