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Living in Angular Ionic RC land and the state of Frontend

For the past few months i’ve been upgrading an Ionic v1 app to v2, watching at the sidelines as a new bread of web applications take form.

As a developer trying to use these platforms it’s been incredibly frustrating, but living on the very edge does have it’s perks, bringing a deeper understanding of the frameworks, one I wouldn’t have gained from simply installing a stable release.

A friend also recently pointed me to the amusing article on hackernoon

Sadly most of it is true.

Touching on the above frameworks and other libraries, the main annoyance is that many come with build tools, great! but little guidance on integrating other tasks or extending the tools. Other libraries suffer this as well where the developer made a simple build script but doesn’t explain how to use it if you’ve got an existing project, or your simply forced into using their way of doing things.

Finally i’m near the end of the proposed development with my Ionic project, though Ionic2 still has some bugs, and a fairly decent understanding of Angular 2 workings only to find that in the coming months a major release of Angular4 will be released!

Hopefully not too many changes to come in that release.


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