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High traffic sites using Magento

We recently had a client debate on what is the best ecommerce solution I am a supporter of Magento the beast it may be, but it is robust. To back up my opinion I did some research although not conclusive.

Magento itself boasts some big clients using the Enterprise edition

I analysed a few of these sites with leading analysis tool compete which estimates the traffic for a given url , the most high traffic site using Magento is Harbor Freight  with some 4 Million uniques at points over the last 2 years, and over 52 Million pageviews (per day) which isn’t to be sniffed at.



Other sites I checked out are:

(figures quoted per day) – 240K uniques, 2M page views – 1M uniques, 5M page view

Secondly with the help of BuiltWith there’s some interesting charts on Magento use:






This shows firstly that the top 1M sites Magento tops the usage worldwide, drilling down in to the most popular 10,000 Magento still tops the opensource solutions with the only other platform osCommerce coming close. Finally in the migration Magento has the highest migration to the platform from other platforms.

In all it’s good evidence to support using Magento now and for high traffic websites. What this does not show is the set up and configuration that may be needed to tweak Magento to run on high traffic sites.

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